Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here's a little game: I will tell you something about myself, and you will guess what I am. (No, today I am not a mule. We're using our imaginations!)

We'll place twice, and I'll send a free bumper sticker to the first respondent with two correct answers!

Ready? Here goes:

1) I am the king of the desert. I am easily startled. I have very big eyes, and I can go for miles. Just don't ask me to go past a dropped glove or a garbage bag.

2) I am about the size of an English mastiff, I am about as hairy as Cousin It, and I will founder if you waft a handful of alfalfa beneath my nose.

Good luck, and ears to you!


  1. First I believe is the wonderful Arabian horse. Ask me some time why I think they also hate getting their feet wet. Second, because I have one, is the hairiest and piggiest of all ponies, the Shetland, also more prone to founder. If not a Shetland than surely a mini (have those too, right now they look like baby buffalos, I think it will be an early and very hard winter based on the fur quotient).

  2. Looks like someone beat me to it, but I vote Arab and Shetland as well!

  3. What they said! Arabian and Shetland.

  4. I'm sure to be more specific it's my Arab and my Mini

  5. Anon . . . Arab and Shetland it is! Good job, and thanks for playing, all! I'll gladly send a bumper sticker to the first respondent, if you'll kindly send your address to me, fenway at brays of our lives dot com.


Thanks in Advance for Your Mulish Opinion!