Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For FarmHusband, Who Thinks I'm a Bit of a Dandy

FarmWife's ol' man thinks a mule ought'r talk like a good ol' boy from up the road a piece in yonder Appalachie. As if I di'nt larn me no proper Inglish as a colt. As if my Mammy di'nt never larn me right. FarmHusband thinks I ought'r sit 'round sayin' "Gollll-eey!" and "well, I never," and that my sort ought'r eat b'iled peanuts an' collards an' such. I tell you what! I ain't never met no mule din't know more'n you people on just-bout ever'thin', and bein' a mule ain't never been no excuse for i'norance. We's smart people, and y'all best not be forgettin' it, y'hear? Uh-huh. 'At's right.



  1. My education in English was a gradual process, inferred from the pictures in Mother's head. So either Mother has fairly good English, or I'm some sort of prodigy! Mother sometimes says I am an idiot savant.

  2. Fenway, your degree is in Mulish Lit, right?

  3. I wouldn't dismiss the intelligence of all Southern equines, Fenway. :) My Walking Horse was born in Tennessee and raised there for 14 years before moving to her current home in Georgia. She sports a very classy Southern accent, and is a clever and kind old lady. I like to think of her as the Melanie Wilkes of horses. XD


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