Monday, October 11, 2010

The Embarrassment of Winter Head

My friend Bif wrote artfully on the subject of what we like to call "winter head"–an embarrassing and temporary condition wherein our tack no longer fits us as it should, and our heads have a grossly disproportionate appearance.

Here's FarmWife's sketch of the syndrome, showing the miniaturization of the halter by the overabundant fluff that is the Winter Coat. This "Embarrassment of Winter Head" is a curse upon all pastured equine, but I don't think I'd trade it for the blanketed, clipped, and well-lit luxury that is a show mule's life. After all, there's nothing in the world so satisfying as caking that over abundant hair in thick, cool, fresh, smooth mud.

I'm off to roll!



  1. Interesting, but here in Santa Cruz I don't think that would happen to you...

  2. As hairy as I get, it's nothing compared to the hair I had in North Dakota. Ohio is the tropics, I'm telling you. And last year, Mother still clipped my head well into November or December because it sweat just standing around.

    I think your beautiful drawing is in some ways inspired more by the burro than the horse, but I note startling similarities to myself... To make it ME, perhaps a little less contrast between fuzz above the muzzle and the muzzle... I'd like to say slightly smaller ears, but Mother says that seems awfully accurate. Captured: My swirl is set well below my eyes, and the forelock length is definitely dead on.

    Thanks, FW!


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