Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bent Barrow Gaia

Bent Barrow Gaia, formerly known as Ma Petite or Ma Petite Chatte, was born here at Bent Barrow Farm. She was a littermate of Jasper's, and was sold at three months of age to our dear friends The Chicken People. Upon learning the news of Missy's illness, which may yet resolve but which has compelled the humans to retire her from milking, The Chicken People kindly offered to return B.G. to the farm of her birth. She is home, and we are happy to have her. Jasper Jules, who seems to have forgotten that he's lost his jewels, is particularly happy. She is managing, with typical poise and grace, to maintain the dignity of a lady in the face of his lascivious affection.

B.G. still thinks I'm a little bit big and a little bit scary, but I think she's darling. We'll be solid friends in no time. 


This is B.G., shining like an angel of light and goodness.
This is me, Fenway Bartholomule, stranded in exile with Jasper Jules whilst B.G. settled in.
This is Jasper Jules, following B.G. like a lecherous monster.
These are the larval humans, who have always loved B.G. and who are quite tickled to have her back. 

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