Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bent Barrow Farm's Top Six Miracles of the Week

Bent Barrow Farm has been home to a riot of emotions this week, as we've seen the full recovery of one very sick goat and the revision of another's prognosis from "doomed" to "hopeful." Here, then, are a few of my counted blessings.

MIRACLE NUMBER ONE: Missy, who could not feel her toes, use her back, or shift her weight on Tuesday morning (September 28), can now rise to her feet with help and stand with only the slightest aid from FarmWife. She continues to eat, drink, baaa, smile, and eliminate normally, which in itself counts as MIRACLE NUMBER TWO.

MIRACLE NUMBER THREE: The itchy, oozy rash that I developed on my insect-bitten chest last week resolved in a matter of minutes after FarmWife told me, in no uncertain terms, "We can't deal with this right now. Fenway, you must resorb that rash. This instant." I am all obedient compliance, especially in times of crisis. A followup application of Swat has prevented its recurrence.

MIRACLE NUMBER FOUR: FarmWife, though she has not ridden me in weeks, is still happy. I am, as you know, her therapist, and it turns out that I give good counsel even out from under saddle. This is not to say that she does not look forward to our next ride, once the urgencies of deadlines, sick goats, and various obligations have passed.

MIRACLE NUMBER FIVE: It has been sunny in Wickersham. If you'll recall my April ramblings on the subject, you'll be reminded that Empress Missy, in all of her wisdom and power, always waits to kid on the sunniest day of spring. It turns out that her wisdom extends to other life events. She has fallen ill, for the first time in her life, during the sunniest week of autumn. She could not lie abed in nicer weather.

MIRACLE NUMBER SIX: Jasper Jules, who two weeks ago suffered the removal of the end of his penis and the lidocaine-infused catheterization of its remainder, still likes people. Amazing.

Nature, Goddess, Lady Luck, Gaia, God, Spaghetti Monster—Infinite Unknowable, whatever You are—I salute You. Ears, and brayful thanks, to You.

Fenway Bartholomule


  1. Not being very knowledgable of muley* nor horsey things, you must forgive my technical question; Is Swat, that horrid bubble-gum pink colored stuff? I know this much only because of pictures of Amigo - One Amazing Horse! I have seen, during his own miracle recovery...

    *I am always mulish however.

  2. Way to go-all of you!

  3. Wow, I didn't know they did the penis-lopping-off thing to goats. I know they do it to cats who get stones, so it makes sense that it can be done to goats too.. Poor fellow, but he's better off without it!

    You are a fine counselor to all the inhabitants of your farm, and I'm sure their recoveries are due in no small part to your skills.

  4. Wow - the horns on that sheep - how does he walk - they must be so heavy. Good thing us equines don't have those big horns.

    Oh Blue Page - Swat comes in white also - thats what I have as I do not do pink!

    Your fren,


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