Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quotable Quotes

I've always loved clever or insightful quotes—so much, in fact, that my first truck (a sky-blue Chevy LUV) was covered bumper-to-bumper in them, written upon with Sharpie markers so densely that its appearance from some distance was charcoal gray.  Some were witty, some were wise; some classic, others obscure; some classy, some (because I was, after all, a high-schooler) crude. "Lost in time," read my inside-passenger door. "Surrounded by evil. Low on gas." Wherever I went, the truck attracted attention, admiration, comment, and creative expression. I duct-taped pens on ropes to every corner, and often returned to my parking spot to find a new quote or two. 

 . . . to be continued . . . 

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