Friday, September 3, 2010

Perfect Friends

Do you ever meet a friend who's just right where you need them to be in their life? You know—you're a mom, they're a mom; or you love scones, they love scones; or you play banjo, they play fiddle? Someone who's just right for you?

Well, I think I may have found that friend. FarmWife reports that we are going riding on Sunday with a horse-mare who happens to be A) senior, B) out-of-shape, and C) owned by a really nice human. This means that I, who am A) pleasantly plump, and B) out-of-shape, and C) owned by a rally nice human, and D) coming back carefully from the Mysterious Hock Swelling of 2010, should be just about right for her! We will amble and meander, with a bit of traipsing and a smattering of moseying thrown in for good measure. I can't wait.

Ears to you,

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  1. Fenway has a date - Fenway has a date!!

    Your fren in jealousy,


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