Thursday, September 23, 2010

Delivering Magazines to the Center of the Known Universe

I have a raging cold, a looming deadline, a tired child, a failing laptop, a messy house, and a soggy yard. I also have an incredible sense of awe and wonderment at this world around me: how can I possibly have been so lucky as to have landed here in this Edenic valley? How is it that every drive I take reveals places even more beautiful? How is it possible that a region can be this majestic? And, especially, how on Earth can a woman this stuffy be compelled to feelings this wonderful? By the sight of fog rolling down off the hills of eastern Skagit county; by a glimpse of mist-shrouded elk grazing alongside Highway 20; by the act of delivering Grow Northwest magazines to the blue-green, warm-wet wonderment of Concrete, Washington.

Not quite sure if I'm loopy from the Sudafed or high on life, I'll opt for the latter.

Did I  mention how I love this place?



  1. Marnie-

    Just snagged my first copy of Grow and had to read more...Fenway's got me in stitches. Thanks for the good reads.



  2. Linsey, thanks for checking in! I'm really excited about Grow Northwest and delighted to have been involved with it. Glad you like Fenway . . . he's a clever mule!



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