Monday, September 20, 2010

Contest Winners Announced!

Pants the Mule. Photo by Hazel Ray Photography.
The winners of our "How Well Do You Know Fenway Bartholomule" contest have been determined and, wouldn't you know it, first place goes to one of the world's best mules. Give it up for the splendid, the unequalled, the muliferously orange PANTS! Pants was our only contestant to catch the secret bonus answer; a AND d were both correct responses to question 11, and her bonus point made up for her one and only mistake to give her a perfect score of 15 points!

Here, for your edification and amusement, are the correct answers: Pruning the fruit trees is not one of the seven responsibilities. I wear Easyboots (Epics on front, Gloves on back). I know no equine named Mr. Brownie, though I do fraternize with a lovely horse by the name of Mr. Blondie. I would eat an apple last, after enjoying the superior taste and texture of the plum, carrot, and blackberry.  My human's minimules are named Harriet and B. My fame began with a youtube video. I live with Missy, Empress of All the Light Touches. I own five humans (FarmHusband, FarmWife, Weanling Human, and Larval Humans 1 and 2). I was a gift from FarmWife's mother, purchased from a neighbor. I was born in Ohio, the buckeye state. My rope halter and crupper are both handmade. I have a column in the Brayer. I fear pulling tires. My theme song begins, ♬♫Oh Mister Fenway Bartholomule . . . ♬♪. Finally, I wish for you that your hay should be fresh and abundant, your trails should be smooth and scenic, and that your friends should be as nice as me—Fenway Bartholomule.

Now, down to business: Pants, I owe you one T-shirt! What do you wear—a 72? I'm not sure we can accommodate you, so if you would please pass your prize on to Liz we'd be obliged. We'll mail you a bumper sticker, too, that you might spread the Muleness across your fair Kingdom. (Email size preference to fenway at brays of our lives dot com. ) Runners-up: You're all just too wonderful to leave out. Blue Page, with just two small mistakes you're in second place! Your bumper sticker is on the way, and we'll throw in a bumper magnet for good measure. Sian, you've taken third! Five postcards, coming up. We'll throw in a bumper sticker, just because. Lori and Buddy: Thanks for participating. You get bumper stickers too!

Winners, if you'd be so kind as to email your addresses to fenway at brays of our lives dot com, I'd be obliged. I do have some on file, but we're better safe than sorry!

All the best, and EARS TO YOU!

Fenway Bartholomule


  1. I am so very excited to win your splendid contest! You are easy to know Fenway Bartholomule because your mulishness matches my own so incomparably!

    PS - I think the t-shirt size would be a UK 14 which is 10-12 US size. Does that help?

    With best wishes, Pants the Mule

  2. Fenway,

    Thank you, thank you very much for the bumper sticker and magnet, what a surprise!


  3. Blue Page, you're most welcome! And Pants, I'm glad we were able to continue this conversation on Facebook. Ears to you both!



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