Monday, August 2, 2010

Words cannot suffice . . .

Words cannot suffice to encapsulate this majesty, but if I had to pick some I'd go for "oooh la-la!"

Oh . . . ooh la la and, from the bottom of my noble and capacious heart, THANKS. 
You made this, and the adventures to follow, possible.

Ears to you,
Fenway "the harness mule" Bartholomule


  1. what a lovely mulish harness!!!Love, Mia

  2. I'm a new-found Fenway fan and I must say, that harness has him looking dashing! Very nice!

  3. So new and shiny and handsome! And do you feel one with the harnass?? Oops, harness.

  4. What a fabulous harness, Fenway. FW must be totally verklempt when she sees you in all your spendiferous-ness.

    Although one of the photos prompts me to ask, with some trepidation because it may not be politically correct to do so, but, being a little sassy today, I'll ask anyway,

    How is that calorie cutback working?

  5. His Honorary Muleness Mr. Blondie, himself prone to... er... "fluffiness of figure", assures me that it is simply a poor camera angle that makes FenBar look as if he might possibly be in need of caloric reduction.

  6. My dear FarmWife is of the opinion that, with the resolution of my hock injury, my figure can be improved with frequent hard physical labor. My neighbor is of the opinion that I am about to foal, and my goats are of the opinion that I am a medical freak . . . a mule with a rumen, caught perhaps from them through some sort of unprecedented contagion.

    Despite appearances, I am living on 10 pounds per day of mediocre local grass hay, one carrot morning and evening, and a single glucosamine wafer at breakfast. What can I say? I am cheap to feed!


  7. Every wish for many happy adventures with your new harness; you look truly dashing!

  8. WOW WOW WOW Fenway - love the new gear - in fact I'm a bit jealous - I think I would look almost as handsome as you if I had the same gear.

    Your fren,

  9. Wow, Fenway... you really are filling out that harness nicely ;~)

    It will be fun for you and FW to keep your driving progressing.

  10. Hey.. if your near Washington State, the Government is giving away 5 aged pack mules, to a good home. Check out



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