Friday, August 20, 2010

What's This?

What's this?

This, my dears, is a Trail Mule. A sound as a pound (and round as a . . . well, let's not) trail mule, ready for some rider-carrying action.

Yes, on Thursday, for the first time in several months, I took FarmWife up yonder trail. We took it easy, making careful avoidance of such common trechers as Challenging Terrain; Difficult Footing; Concussive Surfaces; and my personal favorite, Precipitous Slopes. I was just lovely, and FarmWife says we shall do it again. We shall also, she says, keep up with light ground work and frequent hand-walks—this, she says, because of a certain degree of out-of-shapeness which has crept in.

We are on the "gentle re-introduction to fitness" plan, which means I don't actually have to do anything strenuous for several weeks yet. Unfortunately, it also means I don't get to Trot like the Wind until September or later. (My Like-the-Wind trot, as I've mentioned before, is rather like this but with a higher-degree of ear flop).

Wish me luck, wish me muleness, and wish me many sound miles on trails smooth and scenic. I, as always, wish the same for you.

Ears to you,

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