Thursday, August 26, 2010

What do you think? On the right track?

Keeping in mind that these designs will be modified to suit a variety of shirt-colors, do you like this concept? What are your thoughts on fonts? Too artsy, just right?

T-shirt design proposal 1:

design proposal 1a:

Design proposal 1b:


  1. I like 1.b. I think it is the most pleasing to the eye, and easiest to read

  2. I agree, 1b

    :) Rachelle

  3. I am going to throw a wrench in the works and suggest the 1b font for "It's a Mule Thing," coupled with the script font for the web address in Proposal 1. I LIKE the script font and find it quite attractive, legible and appropriate. But I like the all-caps font for the phrase. Sorry! :-) (Note: I do/have done graphic design for a living)

  4. I like them all - do they come in equine sizes? Mom thinks your name should be there somewhere and I have to agree.

    Your fren,

  5. I think 1b is the winner.

  6. I like the last one in the list...all caps...


Thanks in Advance for Your Mulish Opinion!