Saturday, August 28, 2010

We, the Wickershamians of Bent Barrow Farm, were visited this week by our first ever through-hiker from the Pacific Northwest Trail. The PNT, a recently designated National Scenic Trail, passes right under my silky brown nose! This fellow, having hiked from nearby Bellingham Bay, filled his water bottles at our spigot before continuing towards his final destination—Montana. I envy him, slightly . . . I hear the meadows there are delicious this time of year.

As for equines and the rules governing their presence, each segment of the trail is subject to local regulations. This means that, now and for the forseeable future, most parts are probably open to hooved traffic. As for whether I, Fenway Bartholomule, could legally and practically traverse the breadth of the Western States from my very own yard, I am not quite sure. Perhaps some one of you—someone with a free human, perhaps, and no larval children in the home—could ride it first? Perhaps you could let me know how it is? Whether there are ample delicious grasses, and whether the watering holes are fresh and frequent?

As for me, I will remain here, offering water and a bray of encouragement to all who travel by.

Happy Trails,

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