Thursday, August 5, 2010

Surprisewind, where are you?

I owe one splendiferous and mulerrific poem to dear Mike, a horse about whom I know little except that he is beloved. Can Surprisewind, our generous reader and donor to the "x-rays for Fenway" poetry fund drive, please check in? Share a photo or two, and give us the deets on Mike?

Thanks, and ears to you!

Also coming at, a poem for the cutest of Caviidae, Charlie the guinea pig! Watch for it.

Today, I practice ground driving in harness. My new driving bridle*, I find, is easier to wear if FarmWife sings to me throughout our lessons. My favorite number is, as always, "Oh Mr. Fenway" in all of it's improvised variations. Though FarmWife's singing could have been better here, I think it shows where her heart is.

Brayfully yours,

 *Lest you worry, let me assure you that I do move with bold confidence in my blinders so long as FarmWife vocalizes, and I am so looking forward to not seeing the evil MEDUSA behind me when next we undertake that lesson.

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  1. I'm sorry! I've been otherwise occupied and had forgotten about this. Thank you! I will send pictures and a brief Mike bio tomorrow.


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