Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spreading the Word of Fenway

A hundred grateful brays to FarmWife's boss at Lithtex Northwest, who saw fit to grant her wish for these two lovely waterproof and tearproof plastic signs. They are displayed here at home for demonstration only; really, they're for taking places.

Last time I went to the Cowboy Campsite, I was met with autograph requests and throngs of giggling fans. Erm . . . well, four fans. A throng of four.

This time, I'll hang my signs for all to see, and all will know: I am Fenway Bartholomule. I bray the muleness.

Ears to you,


  1. Very cool signs Fenway!!!

    Your fren,

  2. So did you grant the autographs? Did you stomp on paper your mulish hoofmark? Hoofmark could give Hallmark a run for it's money, Fenway..

  3. Thanks, guys. Sian, I made them do with a slobbered-upon business card. I do need to start carrying a purse for such trivialities . . .


  4. Your weight is perfect, as you are perfect!
    Had your sign been up, 4,000,000 would have thronged!
    How is your hock?
    Love, Dunie


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