Friday, August 13, 2010

Some Pictures Just Need Captions.

I think the key to the Cheezburger network's success must be that they satisfy some deep, inner need among humans to caption things. FarmWife, for one, cannot look at a silly picture without wanting to caption it. 

Invisible Mirror
There goes flasher goat with the boobs again!
Monorail Kitty waits at the station
But then, some photos need no words . . .

It's looking like a busy couple of days at Bent Barrow Farm, but I'll be back with you when I can. In the meantime, does anyone have a suggestion for keeping deer flies off my—ahem—wedding tackle? No flyspray in the world, nor any sort of herb, seems to scare them, and FarmWife is beside herself with worry. Now I have edema around my belly button, and I know she'd feel better if she could help.

Thanks in advance and, as always . . . ears to you!



  1. I cracked up at the goat flasher picture! Mr. H and I have recently fell in love with goats and we cannot get enough of them!
    The last picture is very handsome! I feel it's wall should sell some of them if you don't already, they are beautiful.

  2. Fenway, I put a heavy emollient on my mare's udder. It's 10Sweet by Equitelligent - shea butter based with essential oils. I use it for just about anything needing more moisture - a dry tail bone, and protection from dew to prevent scratches. It has magical healing properties.

    But if I just needed something to bedevil the little devils, burden their landing gear and clog up their nasty little mouths, I'd slather on generic Crisco.

  3. Crisco - interesting. I have heard War Paint works well for the flies. Mom is going to buy some this week when she orders my supplements.

    Your fren,

  4. Equicare Flysect Super-C Repellent!

  5. FarmWife tried SWAT this week, to which I say, "BLECH!," and "CRIKEY!," and "NEVER AGAIN!"

    I have a bit of an oinment-phobia, but FarmWife says we must work on that. I, for one, like Dunie's advice . . . a nice spray is just the ticket.

    and, Annie Rose, thank you. That picture is going to be on the cover of my 2011 BRAYS OF OUR LIVES wall calendar! I do hope you'll want one!



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