Saturday, August 7, 2010

Odds, Ends, and Unfinished Business

1) Thanks, Surprisewind, for getting back to me! I'm thrilled to hear from you, really, and you mustn't hurry on my account with Mike's pictures. I simply want you to be assured that your poem has not been forgotten!

2) There is this terrible business of the homeless government mules. No, not the country musicians (though goodness knows where they're living), but these poor forsaken "retirees" who've been denied a retirement. As one astute facebook friend noted, Washington State is in possession of a gazillion acres of open space. One would think they could find a pasture, a hayfield, and a caretaker's cabin for this lot. If you're in the Pacific Northwest, consider opening your heart and home to one of these poor things, keeping in mind that, and I quote, "THE CONDITION OF THE PROPERTY IS NOT WARRANTED." Here's what I say to that sort of dehumanizing—er, demuleizing—talk:


3) Paisley is hanging in there, thank you for asking. He's in merry spirits, but lamer than the proverbial duck. FarmWife is taking him to the vetn'ry this morning. I've asked to go with, but been denied. I guess they don't welcome big fellas like me in this particular waiting room. 

4) Ears, as always, to you. Until next time, remember this—when in doubt, ask "what would Fenway do?"


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  1. I wish I had room and hay for another, but the six TBs are eating me out of house and home already. The homeless mules are breaking my heart! Karen W.


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