Sunday, August 22, 2010

100th Anniversary of the NW Washington Fair

From Alpacapillars to Zinnias, the Lynden fair was all that and then some. My humans report a good day had by all; no mule sightings, unfortunately, though there was a lovely mini-donk named Buckles in the petting zoo area. (In the image below, he tastes Larval Human #1's zipper pull. No fingers were threatened during the making of  this photograph).

FarmWife brought home a bag of  ♥ NICKER DOODLES  ♥ brand mule cookies (ingredients: whole wheat flower, wheat bran, fresh carrots, and molasses). They were a present from Horses at Heart, a Whatcom county non-profit horse rescue. 

Here are a few photos from the day. 


  1. Gumby & Pokey!! Flash from the past!!! Love it.

  2. How fun! Sorry we missed it. I really think that Fenway should have been featured - I mean, how many celebrity mule bloggers are out there, anyhow?

  3. The larval human hands are so gentle on the pig's foot, but the pig's expression is somewhat sinister and does not seem to mirror her vegetarian thoughts.


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