Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just a Quick Reminder

This is an old video, taken around the beginning of July when I should not have been running on that hock. FarmWife made the mistake of calling to me when I was in an animated mood, and should have known better. In any case, it serves well as a reminder of my splendiferous brayfulness, and no lasting harm was done.

Things to note in this video:

1) My tremendous response to being summoned. I love heeding FarmWife's call!

2) My sonorous and tuneful singing voice, which puts Susan Boyle to shame.

3) My frustration at the end of the video, which has been relieved since the opening of the electric fence just after July 4th, 2010.  "Independence Day," indeed! There were many succulent mouthfuls to be had behind that barely-visible barrier, let me tell you.

4) My physical fitness. Those heaving sides hide an athlete's heart and a pair of lungs like none other. Do not be deceived—I am not winded in this short clip, just fueling the tremendous oxygen-burning furnace within.

Ears to you!



  1. I do so love your stupendous bray! Makes me smile. I cant wait to go see the mini-donk I horsesit in a few weeks!

  2. If your astounding voicings could be topped - it would be by your splendid shine Fenway. Loved your video :)

  3. I, too, noticed the way you remembered to SHINE as you were serenading your Farmwife. Lovely!

  4. Aw, shucks. You do know how to make a mule blush!


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