Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'd like to start writing children's books.—art by Alison Fennell (add her to my list of gifted artists!) 

I'd like to start writing children's books, but I've had typical—that is, zero—luck with the sumitting-to-publishers approach. I can spin off a decent little tale in ten minutes; a clever rhyme in five; a GREAT story in 60. I really do think I could be successful with the age 3-8 set. It has crossed my mind, working as I do for a commercial printing shop, to publish myself.

Here's the quandry: I doodle well, and draw passably, but I am not a skilled artist in the sense that Jan Brett and Anita Jeram are skilled artists. I draw better than many children's book illustrators, but that is not a boast—it is a complaint. I don't appreciate mediocre art in the books I read to my children—not when there are artistic geniuses out there doing the same job, and beautifully. I won't add to it. 

So, artist friends . . . want to strike a deal? Give this thing a try? It could be fun.


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