Monday, August 2, 2010

A Tribute to Double Dip Supreme

Little Honey went with Avie 

Out into the field,

And when poor Avie passed away, 

Dear Honey helped hearts heal. 

Wee Honey waded through the grass with nary e’en a taste,
And yet she moved with gladness
And with lightness and with grace. 

Never spiteful, never irksome, 
Always a delight,
Sweet Honey was a playful friend, 
Her pretty eyes alight. 

Patient teacher, driving master, 
Wise and clever one,
Good Honey did a fine day’s work
And filled the farm with fun.

A friend to Breeze, she moved with ease,
She played and danced and squealed,
And in her muzzle Little Honey
Romped about the field.

A pretty little pinto mare,
So beautiful, so kind,
Sweet Honey is remembered—
She’ll be cherished for all time.

Her friends remember Honey
As an angel, as a gem,
And they speak of her good nature
And the things she gave to them.

She was a friend a friend should have—
So full of love and light—
Thanks, Honey, for the magic
That you brought into these lives.

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  1. Honey was the delight of the barn. She had a wonderful life with a kind and devoted owner who saw to her every need. All creatures should be as loved as she was. This poem is a lovely tribute, we miss you Honey. MJ,Gerry, Doc and Dallas


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