Thursday, August 5, 2010

Charlie Parker

Take the smoothest, cutest body
That the world has ever seen,
Dress it in a silken coat 
Of many-colored luxury.

Give it legs to quickly scurry, 
Legs so short and yet so fleet,
Give it tender little toenails 
On its dainty, precious feet.
Give it curiosity,
And give it sparkling onyx eyes,
Give it darling, sniffling whiskers,
Wavy ears upon each side.
That’s how you make a Guinea Pig,
Now give it character—
Make it have a noble heart 
beneath it’s plush and shining fur.
Give it spirit for the romping,
Give it taste for fresh, crisp treats,
Give it’s eyes a dashing sparkle,
Give it the world’s cutest squeak. 
Give it trills and chirps and rumbles,
Give it shrieks and purrs and peeps,
Give it every sound that’s darling,
Give it every sound that’s sweet.
Charlie Parker has these features,
Like all cavies everywhere,
But Charlie also has some magic
Underneath his coat of hair. 
Watch him snacking, watch him sprawl,
Watch the way he rests—
Watch him play, explore and learn,
And watch him in his little nest.
You’ll soon see it—there’s that twinkle,
There’s that magic in his eye!
Charlie Parker’s just a piggy?
Sure, like Einstein’s just a guy.

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