Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Brays: The Movie

Here's my movie proposal. My concept is much more flushed out than this, but until we get all the talent onboard I think I'll hold off on publishing the full screenplay.

"Brays of Our Lives: Against the Tide." Projected release date: Oct. 23, 2012. Directed by Spike Jonze and Fenway Bartholomule. Cinematography by Vittorio Storaro. Screenplay by Fenway Bartholomule. Produced by Marnie "FarmWife" Jones with executive producer George Lucas. 

Synopsis: After Western Washington's Samish River ecology is disrupted by the presence of a mysterious contaminant, a small town mule uncovers a sinister genetic experiment in a secret, hidden facility near his home. To save his neighboring wetlands, the river ecology, and the world, Fenway Bartholomule must venture into the hidden marshes of the Samish headwaters and the subterranean laboratory of the world's most dangerous scientist. Racing against the clock and fighting for their lives, Fenway and his human family turn to a quiet hermit and his wild animal friends for help. Can Fenway and his friends shut down the villainous operation before seasonal flooding and a record high-tide spread the deadly toxin across the world's waters?

Amazing Grace as me, Fenway Bartholomule
Ewan McGregor as FarmHusband
Winona Ryder as FarmWife
Suri Cruise as Larval Human 2
Brooklynn Proulx as Larval Human 1
Dakota Fanning as Weanling Human
Ian McKellen as the gentle hermit
Lance Reddick as the cold-blooded assassin
Christopher Walken as the mad scientist
John Cusack as the small-town sheriff
Crispin Glover as the scheming tycoon


  1. Perish the thought, Fenway AND Ewan in the same movie...? A surefire hit!!!

    One of my favorite documentaries ever is "Long Way Round" , rentable on Netflix. But no need to bother with the follow-up called "Long Way Down"

  2. Who praytell was the casting director for this future blockbuster - Fenway or FarmWife?!

  3. This, Valentino, was a truly collaborative effort, though FarmWife did tell me that I had to cast someone "hot" as FarmHusband. I'm not sure if I succeeded.

    Blue Page, a discussion with FarmHusband reveals that A) "Long Way Round" is on our Netflix queue, but B) they will not allow me to enter the house and go upstairs to where the TV lives.


  4. I have theme music for you: "Eight Brays a Week":

    "Ooh I need your love Farmwife,
    Guess you know it's true.
    Hope you need my love Farmwife,
    Just like I need you,Ooo.

    Feed me, groom me; ride me, feed me.
    I ain't got nothin' but love Farmwife,
    Eight days a week!"

  5. Tim Curry does creepier villains. Make him have a New Orleans accent, too. Then I can have Gabriel Knight flashbacks. :9



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