Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Artist Profile

FarmWife has recently discovered a painter, a human lady by the name of Alison Fennell, of whose art she is rather enamored. She—FarmWife, that is—usually goes for animal depictions. Whimsical or rare, realistic or impressionistic . . . the style doesn't matter so much to FarmWife as the feeling, the sense of motion and life. These paintings have it, and the icing on the cake is that Alison rather likes to paint minimules. (I wonder, would she ever paint a big one like me??) 

Alison's art is featured on her blog,, as well as in her Etsy store, Check it out, and while you're there please take note of her commitment to animal welfare issues and organizations. A human after my own heart, I say . . . a heart, I might add, which is both noble and capacious.  

As for me, I rather like food art. Some of my favorite genres include fruit photography and still lifes with root vegetables. A quick glance at the photos at left will help you define my taste. Mouthwatering! 

Ears to you, Fenway

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