Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The ABCs of Fenway Bartholomule

Print by Marnon http://www.marnon.etsy.com
Adorable Animal
Beautiful Beast
Charming Companion
Devoted Diner
Exquisite Equine
Faithful Friend
Good Guy
Hybrid Hero
Illuminated Individual
Joyful John
Kind Kid
Lovable Lad
Magnificent Mount
Nifty Neddy
Oxyphonic Orator
Proud Prancer
Quotatious Quadruped
Riveting Raconteur
Shining Sage
Terrific Tetrapod
Undaunted Ululator
Volitient Voyager
Witty Writer
X-rayed Xenodochialist
Youthful Yankee
Zaftig Zenmule


  1. There's nothing better than an undaunted ululator. This is hilarious!!


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