Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You ran, you loved, 

You played, you shoved,

You ruled the world around you.

You made your friends

And in the end

You left them glad they'd found you.

You lived your life—

Were twice a wife—

To husbuns (each one lucky).

Your ears askew,

they always knew

Who wore the pants (Miss Plucky)!

An offered nose

A nudge, a pose,

And zooooooooom! Again, a-running—

Bebe, though small

You wowed us all—

So strong, dear, and so stunning.

Our sweet hutch queen,

You've never seen 

Such grief as we've been feeling,

But Bebe, we've

Our memories,

And in them we'll find healing.

A lifetime's done

We've lost you, bun

You've gone, sweet girl, forever.

You taught us trust

And love which must

help see us through, together.

As once you taught

A husbun soft

The art of love and pairing,

The love you shared,

The way you cared,

We cherish and keep sharing.

Rest in peace, Bebe. We love you.

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