Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vendors with Muleness

You may have noticed the "Mules!" button to the right, under "Kind Sponsors of the Muleness." This button leads to Sue Kroll, western artist and mule-painter extraordinaire. She paid me, not too long ago, the immeasurable compliment of immortalizing me in acrylic paint. Here is the work, "Fenway Bartholomule," in which she captures my patient stoicism and godlike beauty.
The other button on my sponsor list belongs to Chimacum Tack, whose proprietor has been tremendously helpful in teaching me how to train FarmWife to handle the lines, choose and order a harness, ready my training equipment, and what-have-you. Janie at Chimacum sells more than just harness, and the mini-to-draft sizes of her blankets, bits, sheets, and boots will delight the owners of hard-to-fit equines. 
Speaking of hard-to-fit, I am on a no-grain, few-treats, reduced-hay, limited-grass diet here, and according to some humans around the place I still look like I'm about to have twins. I have decided to give in and try this weight-loss business. Any tips on how to get svelte when you oughtn't exercise and you're already living on fumes?? I called Weight Watchers about trying a meeting . . . they don't have facilities to accommodate my girth. 

Your friend,

p.s. The above photo was taken two weeks ago when I was still had delicious, leafy third-cutting orchard grass hay to eat. Now I am on to this year's first cutting hay, which is stemmy and brown by comparison. FarmWife is searching for a new source, but in the meantime she may have found a perfect weight-loss program by accident! 


  1. Fenway-

    I believe FarmWife needs some advice about what are flattering angles and heights to record your beautious image from... this photo appears to (purposely) confirm her concerns about your waistline.

    We have found that the nibblenet is a great way to maximize time spent eating and minimize hay on the floor that is no longer good to eat. Ours paid for itself in the first couple of months we used it.

    Furthermore, it is extremely sturdy, allowing it to withstand the inevitable angry snatching mouthfuls that come when one is getting used to the new (slower) way of eating.

    It's not as bad as it seems - good luck on your reduction plan.

  2. Valentino, thanks. The funny thing is that I am not much of an eater! In fact, I have a nibble net (a gift from a generous fan who had the very same idea for me) but I won't be bothered to eat from it unless I'm truly starved. I don't get frustrated about being hungry, and I don't fret about small portions. It is just that my human is very stupid about feeding me. She cannot bring herself to give me less hay. I am only getting about eight to ten pounds A DAY of mediocre orchard grass hay—and by mediocre I mean clean and weed-free but not particularly green or delicious—and she just can't believe that an animal of my immense majesty can survive on so little. I think it is SHE who has a problem!


  3. Dearest Fenway - First of all, please don't think that we want LESS of you - nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, we all would be thrilled with much more of you to love!!! BUT it's all about the joints, and pressure per square inch. It's really just a silly math problem - think of it that way, does that feel better? I feel that the serendipity of the stemmy hay was just meant to be... You are a gorgeous sight to behold in any light. Soon your workout issues can be resolved, and thy body shall once again be sheer chiseled awesome studliness. Until then, relax and enjoy the downtime! Fondly, Bonnie in WA

  4. Love the painting of you Fenway - wish mom would have one done of me. The weight - well - since you can't be lunged or ridden the food has to be cut - I two am on a diet - I hurt my hoof on a lead rope - it wrapped it self around me and I freaked so my hoof is sore - I wish mom would pay more attention.

    I noticed your foot angle in the second photo - must have been bothering you a couple of weeks ago.

    How about you and me get well so we can eat more food!

    Your fren,

  5. Fen Bar,

    Be glad you do not have to wear the contraption that the fat little 14.2 hand Shetland mix I learned to ride on had to wear.
    It was like a rubber muzzle with a hole at the end about the size of a silver dollar. This made it so she could only eat so much grass. The poor old girl hated it!
    And you look much slimmer them a mare about to have twins!


    P.S. I talked about you in my blog today!

  6. AnnieRose, I'm tickled pink . . . er, brown. You're too sweet!


  7. Dear Fenway,

    I had the delightful experience of ordering a draft horse blanket from Chimacum Tack a few years back. They were extremely nice, extremely helpful, and earned a permanent place in my address book as a result. I am pleased to see them sponsoring your good self.


Thanks in Advance for Your Mulish Opinion!