Saturday, July 10, 2010

So many friends!

I am all warm and fuzzy today, basking in the love and generosity of my many friends on the world wide web. I can't believe the response we've had since FarmWife decided to use my skills as a poet to raise funds for my vet care! If you've purchased a poem but haven't heard back, please don't fret . . . I am excited about musing for each and every one of you. My inboxes are abuzz with all of this—heartwarming stories and beautiful photos pouring in, that I might know my subjects better, and donations flying into my paypal inbox with lightening speed! I am AMAZED. We have raised $380, which should break down thus: $250 for hock x-rays (four views), $30 for sedative (if needed—but I will TRY to be brave), $20 for the office call, and $80 towards extra charges or whatever comes next in terms of treatment or followup. Rest assured, every penny will go towards the restoration to full comfort of me, Fenway Bartholomule—summitter of precipitous slopes, driving mule-in-training, and trail mount extraordinaire.

We are waiting for a call back from the vet with an appointment time, and I will have an update posted as soon as there's something to share.

Love, and THANKS, from Fenway


  1. Fenway,

    In this electronic age, people have easy and free entertainment on the web. Your FarmWife works very hard for you, and I for one so much reading her translations she does for you, I think we all agree it is money well spent.

    Good luck at the vet's!

    ~Don't get me wrong, I love sedation, but why would you need it? They just point the little box and hold the funny thing up by your legs. No biggie!~Bif

  2. Whew, what a relief Fenway! FarmWife even blew her cover with worry on this one. Along with Bif, I might chime in how much I appreciate FarmWife and her obvious gift to channel you and write it for us to enjoy. Her entrepreneurial spirit with using new media as a venue to channel your story is to be greatly admired...


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