Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So Here's My Problem . . .

I cannot have a drink of water without attracting a throng of giggling admirers. It's the tongue thing, I guess . . . I stick my snout down to the trough, and *boop!* out pops my mulishly pink and splendiferously touchable tongue. I don't do it on purpose, and I don't mean to draw in the papparazzi, but it happens and I cannot help it. 

I raise my head from the trough, and, lo and behold, there's that tongue, dangling tantalizingly beyond the frontier of my lips and attracting attention from every corner. It's just too cute, and the people can't help themselves. 

Then, chaos. We've got little girls squealing "ooooooh!" at the gate. We've got FarmWife sighing "aaaaah" from the yard. We've got neighbors saying "aaaaaaw" from their porches. Camera's clicking, flashbulbs popping, and not a moment's peace until . . . *shlurp!*—I tuck that cute, wet, pink tongue back where it belongs until the next time I refresh myself. 
Ah, well. At least I'm loved.



  1. Would that I could witness such an amazing sight, dear Fen!

  2. Flash does that too!! It's so cute... also his ears bob when he's drinking... with every gulp they bob back and forth.

  3. my oliver used to do that too.....it was hysterical. he would also just stick his tongue out at me if he didnt like something. :-)

  4. Fenway, Do you Curl up your tongue and use it like a straw? My Shy Monster drinks like that.

  5. All the donks here at Hawk's Acres do it too. You are part of the greats.


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