Saturday, July 24, 2010


Now's your chance, longears, to shoulder your way into the spotlight! The official 2011 Brays of Our Lives calendar is slowly transitioning from Dream to Plan, but we need you!

I know, 12 months of Fenway sounds pretty delicious . . . but wouldn't it be great to see the Pants and Sheaffers of the world, as well? I need your favorite and most flattering high-resolution images via email at fenway (at) braysofourlives (dot) com. Photos selected for inclusion will earn a byline with mention of your blog, business, or rescue, as well as 2-for-1 pricing . . . that is, buy one, get one free! Cost will be reasonable, as we hope merely to cover printing and shipping costs.

(Sorry, horses, no room for you this time . . . maybe next year we'll have the budget for a "Friends of Fenway" edition!)

Humans, do you know a perfect Mr. December or Miss October? Send them my way, but please be sure to obtain photographer and owner permission.

Thanks, and ears to you!



  1. No horses - geeze Fenway I gotta wait until next year? I do think that Little Annabelle should be included as she is so cute!

    Had the hoofies done - I feel like kicking up my heels!

    Your fren,

  2. Hey Fenway, you need to meet the Shy Monster. She doesn't have a blog because she's to busy getting into trouble. So her human has to recount her tales of terror on the farm. I'm sure the Shy Monster would love be be your miss October.

  3. Chisholm's Thundercloud says he doesn't want to be in your stinky old calendar anyway. ;0)


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