Thursday, July 15, 2010

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I am Boyfriend, I am Loved

Some friends are loved for ribbons won
Or miles travelled, running.
Some horses earn a lifetime’s keep
By donning tack and jumping.
Still others carry little tots 
With legs and hands a-thumping. 
I do not win, I cannot breed, my bloodlines end with me
Yet I am loved—Oh how I’m loved! I’m loved for being me.

I am Boyfriend, I am loved
For every heartfelt reason. 
I do not race a record mile, 
Nor travel in show season.
I’m loved for me—for who I am!
For what I give to her.
My human loves me just for me,
As I love her for her.

My leg is shot, I shan’t grow sound, 
I’ll never stand to labor,
Yet every day my human comes
And thanks me for my favor.
The favor of my company,
The wisdom I impart.
I play, I teach, I learn, I seek—
And love with all my heart.

I’m beautiful, I’m clever too,
I’m physically quite grand,
I’m sweet and smart and brave,  it’s true, 
but please do understand:
I am not loved for how I look, for with what strength I surge—
My mother loves me just for me, as I I love her for her. 


  1. Thanks for making me cry, Fenway! ~ Mother

  2. Tears are flowing here too. What a beautiful tribute for a beautiful horse.

  3. what a heartwarming poem. i am surely going to go to bed in tears tonight. you seem to have loved that horse so much. animals are the only souls that make parting this emotional.


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