Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Significant Findings

That's the deal, folks. Nothing funny at all in my x-rays! (I'll get them posted for all to see as soon as the digital images arrive via email.)

The good news? There isn't evidence of debilitating arthritis, OCD, significant bone spurs, etcetera. The bad news? We still don't know why I'm hurting or how to fix it. Rats!

I was a gem at the clinic, and I give four hooves up to Dr. Ken Leisher and his lovely assistant. They told me I was cute, they complimented me on good behavior and my close adherence to Life Lesson # 20, and they made me feel safe and adored for the entirety of my stay. I was so very comfortable there that I even permitted the insertion of a needle into my joint, where the humans saw a small evacuation of clear fluid. (I was spared this vision by FarmWife's strategically cupped hand, but she told me later that it was rather interesting!) Dr. Leisher injected cortisone into the affected joint, and we hope to see some improvement as a result.

FarmWife, I know, would have liked a conclusive answer today. Still, though, and really—could she possibly have wanted to see trouble on the films? I think not! It is best, I tell her, that we found nothing unusual today. It means, as I have been saying all along, that I will be fine. Just fine. As things stand, we may not have a solid story but at least we can still hope for this to heal entirely in time, reducing to a small cosmetic blemish.

Dr. Leisher, thank you from the bottom of my capacious and noble heart for making me feel comfortable and well-looked after today. Dear readers, thanks again for your support of our "x-rays for Fenway" poetry drive. The verses keep coming, and you can see them daily at! Tell your friends, too, as the project shows every sign of evolving into an "ultrasound for Fenway" poetry drive in the coming weeks.

With relief, with love, and with many brayful thanks, I am your friend,

Fenway Bartholomule

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  1. FB, I am glad nothing terrible was found in your X-rays, but I share your FW's bitter-sweet feelings in the sense that it would have been splendid to have found an answer today so that a solution could be put in place for your recovery straight away, although hopefully the injection will make a difference to your good shiny self without delay. On this side of the pond, the vets like to induce temporary nerve-blocks in different parts of the leg in a gradated manner to discover which part of the leg is responsible for the lameness. Have they isolated yours to your hock for certain?

  2. Well, shuckies.

    Perhaps the steroids will help your limb feel better. If not, gird your loins, FB, for nerve blocks and ultrasounds!

    Good luck, Fenway.

    Poor FarmWife... remember she's suffering as much as you, Fenway. Be kind to her!

  3. Glad to hear there is nothing blatantly disturbed in that hock of yours!

    You will notice a Paypal donation from someone named Jenny Rice.....that's me. It's for a poem about Akhal-Tekes. You will be happy to hear that one of the breed's many fine traits is....long ears! Not nearly so voluptuous as a mule's of course....but enough to positively enhance their exotic profiles.

  4. So proud of you Fen; guess this wasn't as scary as sheath cleaning; hope for your full recovery forthwith!


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