Sunday, July 11, 2010

Further Clarification

What is this "blown cover" talk? There is no cover. I am a very straightforward guy, and I like to tell it like it is. These are the facts: I am in possession of a human. She sometimes works as my transcriptionist, typing whilst I dictate. She sometimes inspires me, or influences me with her wisdom and whimsy. Sometimes, even, she sneaks onto the computer while I am sleeping and posts emotional, heartwrenching stories of my lameness for all to read. "FarmWife," I tell her, "it is not all that bad. I have three legs that work quite well, and that still suffice to carry me to the office window that I might dictate the daily blog posts."

So, excepting when dear FarmWife inserts herself as an uninvited "guest blogger," you can look for daily updates from me—your friend, Fenway Bartholomule. In the meantime, I'll keep an ear on her and try to prevent future interruptions to your "Straight-from-the-Mule's-Mouth" service!



  1. Fenny,
    I never thought that rock-solid, redoubtable writer's voice belonged to anyone else but you. Farmwife, we love you anyway.

  2. You're an inspiration, Fenway.
    As a Mule, as a Blogger, and a Supreme Creature of the Universe. My Woman has learned from and been inspired by all you share, and I'm shyly and tentatively venturing into the world of equine blogging myself. Thanks for blazing the way - I continue to be your loyal fan.


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