Thursday, July 29, 2010

From Ancient Tribes of Kara Kum
The ancient tribes of Kara Kum held dear to them these gems—
The noble mares and stallions of old Turkmenistan. 
With gilded coats and fiery eyes they strode with chiseled grace—
Perfection sprung from desert sand, a pure and noble race. 

The ahkal-teke sparkles with a shining, gold-dipped glow—
His coat is matched by inner fire, as his spirit shows. 
He burns to run, to move, to go to lengths untold by man—
This noble steed now cherished far from old Turkmenistan.
His grandfather, and his before, and on through all of time—
Each one was cherished in his way and by his own proud tribe.
Today they live in lustrous strength, they flourish in new lands,
The noble akhal-teke from the blowing desert sands. 
His proud ancestral memory speaks loudly in his heart—
Enduring, fleet and graceful, he remains a horse apart.
His sinewy and silken hide, his hooded eagle gaze—
The akhal-teke, cherished once, is still cherished today. 


  1. It's fantastic!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the poem...and can't thank you enough. I will definitely be posting it on the blog & website...and most likely many other breed publications as well...we are helping with Akhal-Teke breed booths at Spruce Meadows in Calgary, China's first-ever world horse expo in Shanghai, and the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky...alll coming up in September. It will be a crazy month! But I'm thinking of including this poem on some of the brochures for our farm. I will also submit it to Teke Mania...which is an annual European magazine. I will keep you posted...
    And again, thank you!! You are a talented poet!!

  2. Jenny, thank you so much for this wonderful praise. I would love to see it shared in additional formats, so thank you for running with that idea!

    Ears to you,


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