Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For Oliver Twist, Who Could Not Stay

We make some friends in these short lives
Who touch us to the core—
Who feel to us like soulmates,
Make us cherish each day more.

We make some friends who are so kind—
So full of love to give—
That they make every day seem full
and teach us as they live.

We lucky ones who’ve had this love,
Who’ve known this kind of soul,
We can remember happy times
When our dear friends must go.

You ran with fleetness, Oliver—
You jumped to catch the moon.
You touched the hearts around you,
and you left this world too soon.

You’re remembered fondly, friend, 
Dear Oliver Twist,
And your friends, they are grateful
That the memories exist. 

You were cherished, loved, adored,
Respected and well missed—
Regal gelding, handsome darling,
Precious Oliver Twist. 

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  1. Beautiful. Would Oliver's owners consider sharing his story? I'd love to hear it.


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