Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For Cody, Still Cherished

Some lives are far too fragile, 
Some lives are far too brief—
Some lives so grand that when they’re gone 
There’s everlasting grief. 
Some loves are so enduring—
Some bonds so firmly sealed—
That even death can’t shake them loose,
Can’t take a love so real. 

Some friends teach peace and patience,
Some give more than they take—
Some friends teach loving lessons 
With each simple move they make.
Some beings are so gracious, 
Enduring and so wise,
That when they go they still remain
In many love-touched lives.

Forsaken, once—abandoned—
No stranger to dispair.
Your loving flame burned through the gale
And lit the darkened air.
You cast a light around you,
You shared a loving glow.
We were lucky to have known you, 
You were loved more than you know. 

Rest in peace, Cody. You are loved.

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