Friday, July 9, 2010

Fenway: an Update and a Plea

This is Marnie "FarmWife" Jones in. Fenway is profoundly lame this morning, and I am scrambling to come up with cash for his imminent vet visit. Being a sparsely-employed stay-at-home mom, I am trying (out of respect for my husband, my family, and our very tight budget) to earn a little extra this month.

I am running an "X-rays for Fenway" poetry drive, through which I have already earned $75 towards hock X-rays and, hopefully, treatment to make him comfortable. For $10, Fenway Bartholomule and I will put together a beautiful custom poem for you to print and save, give as a gift, or use to memorialize a special two- or four-legged friend. All proceeds will go straight to Fenway's veterinary care.

To those who have already helped, thank you. It causes me great pain to have to delay Fenway's diagnosis even a day, but by selling my (and his) writing and by developing my career as a freelance writer and contract editor, I hope to become the kind of owner he deserves—a financially solvent owner who spares no expense.  

Thank you . . . and wish us luck!



  1. Marnie--I would like a poem about my old gelding, Rambo. I would gladly pay $10, but I think you're skill is worth more. Do you need to know more about him?

    PS Poor Fenway. It's hard to stand it when our equines are in pain.

    Susan Nelson

  2. Save Your Ass would like you and Fenway to write us a poem! Where can I send our $10??? Anything to help out our fellow mule!

  3. Where are my comments? They keep disappearing. I will try again:

    I would love a poem! I will pay handsomely....

  4. Doc in Delaware would love a poem. Let me know where the PayPal link is and I'll send the payment on. Doc sends his regards to Fenway, and hopes his recovery will be speedy.

  5. Doc in Delaware here again, I found the PayPal link on the harness gift page and have sent my dribble (as they say on COTH.) Get well soon Fenway!

  6. SYA, thank you so much! A poem commission for donkey/mule rescue? A dream come true!!

    Susan, we've emailed. I'd LOVE to know more about dear Rambo, and I can't wait to hear from you. Many brayful thanks!

    MJ, thank you. Doc will make a fine subject for my rhapsodic musings! You're all so helpful!

    And Pants—dear Orangey-Pants, my good, good friend—there is no one in this world I would rather muse upon.

    Ahem—except maybe my darling Valentine, Katie Scarlett. (Kisses, Katie!)


  7. Fenway, I hope that you are beginning to feel better. I wish that i could donate more, but money is also very tight on the east coast. i will contribute more whtn i can.


  8. Fenway, my Anna Mule would like a poem for her. She is feeling a bit untrusting lately and could some words of encouragement to let her know that we are not out to hurt her.


    Jean and Anna Mule in VT

  9. Dearest Fenway, our donkeys sent you a donation. When Farmwife gets time, a poem for Cody (RIP) a TB, would be so nice. Hugs from Oklahoma.


  10. FarmWife,

    Mother knows all about x-ray bills. She'll find the Pay Pal button, too. If you want to write a poem about my wonderfulness, you could, but there is no hurry.


    ~Oh, sure, commit MY money, Boyfriend! ~Mother

  11. Marnie, I'm all too familiar with your situation. I've recently lost several of my equine family members to various lameness issues... one just a week ago. The pain and the bills are still fresh. I've paypal'd a pittance. Perhaps when you have some spare time in the coming months you can draft an ode to my beloved Mike.

    best of luck when you get to the vet and please remember - whatever comprising position you feel they are putting you in is for your own good. Mule Up and be a good boy!

  12. Dear Fenway, I sent you a donation to get your vet visit. I just spent 10 days nursing Chisholm, my Missouri Foxtrotter, with a hoof abscess that REFUSED to drain. He endured 5 visits from DR EVIL and I have a very large vet bill to pay for all that torture. Feel better soon. When you and FW get time, you can write Chisholm's Thundercloud a poem.

  13. PS~Ginger and Chisholm's email address is:

  14. Hi Marnie,

    I would love to purchase a poem about our Akhal-Teke horses. You can go to our website and blog for more information. The Akhal-Teke is a very rare breed from Turkmenistan that is nearly extinct. Some of their special traits are exotic hooded eyes and a metallic sheen. They are also extremely intelligent and have a "prehistoric" look to them. My nephew thinks they look like dinosaurs! Here are the links:

    Please let me know how to send the money and I will get it off to you right away. Many happy wishes for Bartholomule's speedy recovery.



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