Thursday, July 15, 2010

FarmWife, making me more famous one article at a time

In lieu of Friday's blog post, please pop on over to Grow Northwest for FarmWife's take on farming with horses, mules and oxen. All I can add is that A)mules are obviously and totally the best, and B) a picture of me would have been nice. Ah, well. She tries for journalistic impartiality, but I'm there in the byline!

Fenway Bartholomule

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  1. Congrats!

    Your article takes me back. When I was small, my Grandmother farmed tobacco - with Mules... I don't know if the Mules were still actively employed when I knew them, but they were in retirement on the farm at any rate. There was a pony stallion named Comet on the farm as well... my first horsey love - sigh.

    Very nice well written article FarmWife. (Could have been nicer with more of a featured role for Fenway!)

    Just brayin' :)


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