Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do the Hustle

Well, friends, I may be temporarily retired from riding, but I am still sound enough to do the grapevine and the funky chicken. I have spent a minute or two here or there teaching FarmWife to do this, and now she can go forwards and backwards and pivot left and right in the "heel position." She is such a fast learner! Yet another reason why mules and humans get along so nicely (the first being the opposable thumb, which was made for ear rubs, and the agricultural revolution, which was made for carrots).

Next, of course, we get back to the business of teaching her to drive. It may be some time before I'm cleared for this sort of work,  but it should be just a short while now before I can resume coaching her on how to hold the lines, how to harness me effectively, and how to carry herself with the regal, proud bearing suited to a whip.

And someday, eventually, we'll do this and this and this.



  1. You are far more talented, Fen, just being you!

  2. Another practice strategy: the rein board. You might want to look at the photo of the rein board on this donkey driving site here:
    (you'll have to copy/paste, this isn't a link). I personally really liked everything Doris Ganton wrote or video'd on starting the driving equine/equid. Used to clinic with this lady who started everyone no matter how experienced a whip with a session on the reinboard.


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