Friday, July 2, 2010

Cluck, Cluck *Click!*

Well, dear Aunt Erin who accidentally shocked me on the electric fence has been forgiven. She is actually a rather nice person, and tends to walk about with pockets full of sunflower seeds. This because she is clicker-training our chickens. In the 48 hours of her stay she has taught our independent rooster and hens how to jump in the air on command, and her partner North promises that she will introduce the Ring'o'Fire in time for our Independence Day light show.

FarmWife feels a bit sorry that she didn't start training the chickens herself. FarmWife had just managed to teach the chickens to come when called. This is not much in the way of training, since all chickens do this instinctively.

Aunt Erin assures FarmWife that she mustn't feel bad. Aunt Erin has an urban flock that knows how to summit precipitous slopes, leap from pedestal to pedestal, fly to one's arm on command, ride about like a falcon, jump in the air, overtake fences on cue, and generally behave in the capacity of circus performers. Still, she assures FarmWife that if she, Erin, had a mule and two goats and three human children and a dog and some rabbits in addition to her cats and hens, she might spend more time with the former and less with the latter.

FarmWife showed Aunt Erin how she trained me to eat sunflower seeds.



  1. We love clicker training and have heard that chickens are among the more enjoyable clicker students. Almost as smart as a Mule....almost.

  2. well this is a first for me. I know chickens are trainable, to some degree, but I would have never thought of clicker training

    I hope they are nimble for the "Ring-o-Fire" dance or there will be BBQ for all.


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