Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chisholm’s Thundercloud on Life

I was born a darling pet—
A favorite: cherished, loved.
I learned to trust and learned to play
And learned what life’s made of.

Then circumstances intervened,
And life became uncertain—
Forsaken, lost, unloved and lame,
I passed beyond the curtain. 

Passed on to where no souls should go,
I saw my looming end,
When out of nowhere came a chance 
To love and shine again. 
My sister walked alongside me
As both of us were saved; 
Passed into caring, loving hands!
And so dawned this new day. 

In just one week, my place was found,
And better yet, I made
A friend to last a whole life long,
Who swore to keep me safe. 

I made a friend, a human friend, 
Who saw me as I was—
My wit, my charm, my brawn, my brains, 
My never-failing love.

I made a friend who needed me
The way that I need her—
Who feeds me, loves me, sings to me, 
Who heart for me does stir. 

I show her crazy, show her kind, 
Show her loving trust—
My life is good, her life is good,
This life is good for us. 

I show her crazy when she asks, 
I wheel and bolt away,
But she does know, and I do know,
That with her I shall stay.

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