Monday, July 12, 2010


Blogging—I love it. Helping my dear Fenway Bartholomule with the maintenance of has been a great experience, and I have been so very pleased with the outpouring of encouragement from fans the world over! Puddle Run, too, has served well as a place for my human voice., however, has never felt like anything but an obligation to me; after all, it turns out that Harriet just isn't much of a talker.

A false start, sure . . . but it's evolving into something new, and, I hope, something enduring. Harriet Linus, the rex/Californian cross, has kindly given her Fairy Rabbit blog into the joint custody of me and Fenway Bartholomule that we might post his many commissioned poems. Written for fans during our "x-rays for Fenway" poetry drive, these works honor friends, two-legged and four, living and deceased, who hold—each one of them—a very special place in someone's heart. It is my hope that the orders will keep coming in, because Fenway and I love writing, because the stories I have heard are moving and inspiring, and because a little extra ca$h never hurts!

In the meantime, Puddle Run is here to stay. I'll be back with more on Thursday!

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