Monday, July 12, 2010

Anna mule’s an animal
With grace, and charm, and class,
Her mother was a dainty mare,
Her dad a darling ass.

She’s lost some friends, been hassled some,
Was sadly passed around,
And now she’s in a lifetime home, 
With cherished friends newfound.

She drives, she brays, she lives, she plays,
She goes on splendid hikes,
Her family understands her moods
And gives her what she likes.

She crosses streams, slips under trees, 
Meets every day head-on,
And on a walk she marches 
To a steady, silent song.

A trooper, yes! A miner, no! 
She’ll live a life of ease,
When Anna mule goes walking
Her ears dance upon the breeze.

Each new day brings adventure, now,
She meets new friends with joy,
And Anna’s in a family now
That shall not disappoint.

From a life of being lonesome, 
Being troubled, being poor,
Darling Anna has arisin
And she’s walking out once more. 

So very small, but full of heart,
Sweet Anna loves to go,
And now she goes out bravely,
And with patience, goes back home.

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