Monday, July 12, 2010

A friend who knows you in and out,
Believes in you, and sees
In every look, each unsaid word,
The meaning that is hid beneath.

A friend who speaks with every fiber
Of her body, straight to you—
Whose heart is pure, whose body strong,
Whose love is deep, complete, and true. 

A friend with pride, well mannered, smart, 
With taste, and sense, and class,
A friend who’ll tell you when you’re wrong
But love you so in spite of that. 

A friend who needs you, keeps you, feeds you—
Feeds your spirit, feeds your soul.
A friend who gives her whole life to you,
And yet you make her life whole.

Dress this friend in warm sleek fur
And give her liquid eyes,
Four sweet white paws, a soft pink tongue,
A wagging tail trailed out behind.

Now call her Gizmo. Give her love!
You’ll get it back in spades,
For she’s a friend a friend should have
Who’ll love you all her days. 

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