Monday, July 12, 2010

A friend, first—understanding
Every look you gave, each meaning
Of each word; said, unsaid.

A beauty, plush and regal,
Her gorgeous tail left-curling,
Soft eyes gazing from her bed.

Beneath your feet she rested,
Kept you company and bested
Every dog you’d ever known. 

When work was done, on with the day!
Beside you she would stroll and play.
She made fine company.

She gave you all a dog could give
And you gave back, and so she lived
Beside you—trusted, loved.

And through the years—all seventeen—
She was to you as you to she—
Beloved, well thought-of.

A partner, yes, a friend as well.
A family member, loved and held
As dear to you as any. 

With Juniper, through many days,
You lived and loved and worked and played
Made memories; yes, many.

Now they keep you; you look back,
Remember silver tipped with black.
And brown eyes, wise and knowing.

Remember her, and hold her dear.
(Now that’s advice you needn’t hear!)
The spark lit by your Juniper’s still glowing.


  1. Thank you very much, bravo Fenway and Marnie!

  2. Thank YOU, and thanks for telling us about Juniper. It brought up wonderful memories of my own dear Mirri.

    Marnie "FarmWife" Jones


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