Saturday, May 1, 2010

What We Have Here Today

Today we have this: rain. A cold rain. I am wearing my blanket, despite it having been washed and dried and put up for the season a full two weeks ago. I'm sure it would have something to say about being reactivated if it were talking object! (Probably, "yippee, yay, hooray! Fenway, I missed you.")

We also have this: aloneness. This is FarmWife's work day. This is the day that she goes away to Bellingham and doesn't come back until after dinner. If it were sunny, I might gripe about the missed riding opportunities, but honestly I'm just as happy in my shed. I hope her work place is warm and dry, too.

We also have this: the bookmobile. The humans go every Saturday, just before FarmWife leaves for work, and they bring back all sorts of picture books for the larval children and tomes for the adults. Soon, FarmWife will bring some "how to train your mule to drive" sorts of books home for me, which will be most handy in consideration of the fact that my harness gift fund is now up to $77.10!! That number makes me blanch with excitement.

We also have this: me, Fenway Bartholomule, looking cute. Some things never change.


p.s. In this photo, I was grazing with a half-deflated beach ball outside FarmWife's office window (on a different rainy day) and you can see how easy it is for her to find her inspiration and her happiness. I'm just right there.


  1. Looking quite dapper in your blanket!

  2. Fen's the name, dapper's the game! Thanks, Sylvia!


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