Thursday, May 27, 2010

What FarmWife Is Singing Today

Today, FarmWife has a busy day of tomato gardening and contract editing ahead. I can't seem to rope her into a long transcribing session, but I was able to hear her singsong nonsense as she made her feeding rounds this morning. I'll quote her, here, for those of you who enjoy such silliness.

To Jasper Jules: ♫ ♪ He's a goat, he's a goat, and he's broader than a boat in the water on the high, high seas . . .  he's a chap who is fat, he is wider than a raft as it sails upon the salty breeeeeeeze . . . .  

To the baby goats, Pigeon and Dove: ♫ ♪ Bird girls, bird girls, cutest in the world girls, every single word I say is truuuuuuuuue . . . sweet girls, neat girls, dancing on your feet girls, there is no one else like yoooooouuuuuuu . . .  

To Missy, Empress of All that the Light Touches: ♫ ♪ Who's a good goat? You're a good goat. Missy McMischief is feeling her oats. Getting in trouble is Missy's MO but we can't help but love her, she's such a good goat.  

To the cloud dog, Paisley: ♫ ♪ Paisel Pie, Paisel Pie. He is such a fluffy guy! Love the way that he flies by, Falcor zoomin' through the sky!  

To me, of course, she is singing words of exultant praise too numerous to list, but carrying a message of love and reverence. You should hear her sometime.

This is how I sing to her:  NneneeeyeeeyeyeesssssssssaahhhhhhhhsSSS

Your friend,

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