Sunday, May 9, 2010

Trail Notes, or the Bird that Almost Ate my Ears.

(Photo courtesy the city of Orange Beach.)

I, Fenway Bartholomule, just returned from a lovely trail ride with FarmWife. We don't have time to write much now, as she is due for some midday Motherhood celebrations, but I just wanted to bray you a brief hello.       (hello!)

I will tell you all about our outing tomorrow, but for now I will mention the Eagle.

We have a great deal of wildlife in Wickersham, and bald eagles are no novelty here. They are things that eat chickens.

They are also darned big birds. If eagles were horses, they'd be shires. If they were dogs, they'd be mastiffs. If they were rats, they'd be those South African pouched rats that people potty-train and keep as novelty pets. Huge.

Today, a bald eagle swooped so low over the delicious and tantalizing ears of Yours Truly that I feared for their safety. If I had been a rodent—even a pouched rat—I would have been plucked bodily from the grasp of the Earth.

I am glad I am not a rodent.



  1. Good day to you Fenny - and a most happy Mother's day to your beloved Farmwife. I was looking at the Fenway Shop, for something..... Have you ever thought of sharing your "Life Lessons" and "Seven Responsibilities" on say, note cards? Of course your stunning photograph would need to be prominent. And you do have so many fabulous pictures of your special equine handsomeness and I would very much like to share your brilliant mule-ish (sp?) wisdom with many of my correspondents. Just a thought. Perhaps you could mull it over as you enjoy the tender spring shoots in your paddock?

    Best wishes to you and Farmwife,

    Oliver and Kelly

  2. Oliver and Kelly,

    Your idea is most mulish and fine. I will make inroads into such availings immediately! Font size, text clarity, and whathaveyou will of course be of importance in conveying such richness of prose content, and whether Cafepress is the venue for such splendors I cannot yet say. Research shall be done, post haste! I thank you for your excellent suggestion.

    Yours truly,

  3. Fenway, I await your full report with eager anticipation! I am not sure I would have enjoyed being buzzed by an eagle...I have enough trouble with the pterodactyls over here....! :-O

  4. I saw three eagles today though none of them gave me any mind

    I was walking in the woods near Pt Townsend looking for orchids (coralroot) and two Ravens got very upset . They must have had a nest there

    They plucked twigs from branches and cast them down to the brush.

    They did not harm me but they did distract me. Thing was, where I stopped to watch them, the coralroot was

    Thanks Raven, I always listen when you speak

    Don'yt worry Fen, eagles are not fierce and brave.

    They are very un-mule like


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