Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Raining, Pouring, Fat Goat Snoring.

Well, we have wet weather today. I suppose the grasses can use it, as can the vegetative delectables of all descriptions, but FarmWife is not too happy on account of having planned a walk with the goat.

Jasper Jules has kindly stepped up to provide alternate conveyance in this time of my incapacitation, having pulled the larval humans down to our friend Dirty Mama's and back yesterday and volunteering for further effort today. Unfortunately, it will take some time for him to develop even the moderate level cardiovascular fitness that I had attained with my twice-weekly hill rides! He must be exercised, and often, if he is to take the children on further adventures.

FarmWife sings to Jasper, too, as they go: "Jasper Jules, he's no fool, but he'd look silly in a swimming pool! Jasper Jules, actin' cool, showin' all the people how he works like a mule!"

As for me, I stand for cold hosing, abstain from high-impact activities, and endure the reduced-calorie fare that is the lot of the slow-to-metabolize. It is not forever.

Your friend,


  1. I came across you via Amigo. Thank you for helping to fill the "hospital" hours during my husband's open heart surgery. When driving home today, I actually saw a license plate that read "WELOVFB". No kidding! Even in San Diego county. Sorry, no pic. You know, keep both hands on the wheel.

  2. I am all atwitter at this news! My fame is skyrocketing. Soon I will be a household name like Amigo himself!

    I am hopeful that your husband will demonstrate mulelike resilience as he recovers from his procedure. In the meantime, welcome! And thank you for the happy news of the wonderful license plate. They can only have meant me, Fenway Bartholomule.

    XOXO, FB


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