Friday, May 7, 2010

On Food, Weather, and an Honorary Mule

1. Today my weekly bale arrived, succulent and divine as ever. New, delicious, tremendous hay, despite the technical difficulties that the hay-disgorging Volvo had been experiencing (as mentioned on facebook). Hallelujah! I was not meant to be a forager, living as I do behind a fence. It's take-out for me.

2. The sun is shining! I have access to the grassy delights of my paddock for the first time in a week. I have had a most splendiferous roll and have nibbled many a tasty morsel already this morning. No longer do the goats taunt me with their unfettered access to my favorite hideaways—now, we graze together.

3. It's Friday. This means a trail ride looms large in my immediate future! We shall explore the beautiful and rugged places, and FarmWife will sing to me of her love whilst I carry her into the cool and shaded forest. I will bring back pictures.

Now, numbers 2 and 3 are mixed blessings for blog readers, because a sunny, trail-ridish weekend in Wickersham means no computer time for yours truly. We'll be back on Monday with many happy reports. In the meantime, contemplate this important breaking news:

I, Fenway Bartholomule, hereby pronounce Amigo the Arab to be an honorary mule of the first order. Amigo was given a 2% chance of survival when he was found at his barn in January with a three-foot tree limb embedded in his side. With broken ribs and a collapsed lung, Amigo surprised his veterinarians and loving keepers by keeping his feet under him (for the most part), his kind spirit intact, and his health on the mend. Mulelike stoicism? Check. Mulelike beauty? Check. Mulelike endurance? Check. Mulelike self-preservation? Check. Only a mule could have sought help from his humans and loaded himself in the trailer under such dire circumstances, and none but a mule could endure three months of hospitalization with nary an unkind gesture. Let's give it up for His Honorary Muleness Galapagos Amigo, who is back at home—still healing, and showing more mulish resilience with every passing day!

Your friend,


  1. I'll perk my Percheron ears to this. I've been following the whole thing since it first broke on Facebook and everyday am amazed with the kindness and grace everyone has brought forth giving Amigo the strength and support to heal as he was meant to do. This is what real horse people do - a real lesson here everyone! Kindness and love go a long long ways!
    We continue to follow and certainly enjoy the adventures of Amigo!
    Ceri (human caregiver), Carson (percheron x TB) & Canadian Amigo (Belgian, Morgan, Paint, QH)

  2. Fashion Amigo's didtant cousin says that amigo came and visited at my barn and amazed everyone with his kindness and his daddy's endurance in care and love. from( Carol Fasion's person) and RR Fashion the Arab with slightly mulish ears and a very muleish attitude.

  3. Amigo is a mule of great character. If I had that private jet I dream about, I would visit him. In the meantime, I will take the many glowing references of his friends as fact. WELCOME, all, and thanks for visiting!



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